What Are the Essential Features of Board Portals for Meetings?

Board portals are an innovation that makes meeting management easier. Modern portals are far more effective than the previous software, which offered access to the board books. You should have an inventory of questions you can ask during demos.

What are the key features of a board portal?

Board portals allow you to create and distribute agendas using the necessary documents. Portals also offer an easy way to track actions, votes, and resolutions.

During the meeting, boards can be able to comment and collaborate on documents in real-time across any device and platform. Portals that value security can provide eSignatures to speed signatures on documents, which can prevent sensitive https://boardroom-online.blog/what-do-you-need-to-know-about-ideal-provider/ data from falling into the hands of incorrect people.

The website automatically creates minutes of meetings, eliminating need for secretaries manually taking notes during meetings. This lets your board spend more time on strategic issues and less time working on administrative tasks.

Ask about the ease of use when you’re considering a new portal for board members, or upgrading an existing one. Board members are busy and don’t want time learning a new system. Find features that will ensure adoption for your board, such as instructional videos as well as FAQs, remote training sessions, and a single point of contact for technical assistance. Be aware of how the pricing structure of your vendor fits within your budget.

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