Understanding the Basics of Negotiation

Negotiation is the process of settling disputes using different perspectives and goals. Understanding the fundamentals will help you understand how achieve value and then achieve it, as well as manage fairness concerns, and achieve an outcome that is positive, regardless of whether you are a natural negotiator or have to work on it.

Before you begin negotiating it is essential to have clear and concise goals for the outcomes you wish to achieve, as well as the information and research needed to support the goals. This will help you anticipate possible counter arguments and formulate strategies to achieve your goals.

It is also crucial to understand other parties’ interests, as well as their needs, desires and worries in the hopes of anticipating potential objections. You should also be able to explain your own personal interests and the reasons behind them. You will seem more credible and persuasive.

Finally, you must be willing, within reason, to compromise. Making a rigid position at the start of negotiations isn’t the best option, since it can be seen as a lack of inclination to reach an agreement. Instead, offer to compromise on something that you appreciate, but only if the other party is also interested.

It is page important to have your walk away point (your most effective alternative to the negotiated agreement or BATNA) in mind is another key element of pre-negotiation preparation. This will help you decide when to end the discussion, since you won’t be continuing to negotiate in the hopes of reaching an equitable agreement if the other party is stuck in a rut.

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